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Sprinkler Fixers are Perth’s preferred reticulation installation experts. Sprinkler Fixers uses the best quality parts we can get our hands on, ensuring that your system is built to last. Once your reticulation system is installed with a quality controller, you can have the peace of mind to completely forget about your reticulation, so that you can focus on the more essential things in life. We will work with you to design a waterwise system to suit your garden.

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The Process
Upon scheduling attendance with our customer, the friendly staff at Sprinkler Fixers will discuss their reticulation requirements. For new reticulation systems installations the following information is usually gathered:

A flow and pressure test is then carried out in order to design the reticulation system. A flow-test gauge is used to ensure a precise measure of liters of water per minute. Most domestic gear-drive sprinklers have an operating pressure of 300 Kpa whereas most fixed spray type sprinklers operate at 200 Kpa and above. The information gathered is then passed on to our Reticulation design team and a proposal is sent to our customers for approval. Upon acceptance, a Project Supervisor is assigned to the job to ensure the smooth running of the installation.

The installation

Our licensed plumber will install a ‘tested’ brass gate valve or lever action ball valve. The irrigation system can be isolated without having to shut off the water supply to the home. An approved dual check backflow prevention device is also installed. This mandatory device stops the reverse flow of unsafe water into the clean water supply system.

The reticulation technician will then install an automatic Master solenoid valve directly to the backflow prevention device. The Master valve behaves like an “insurance” valve. If a station solenoid valve is stuck open, the Master Valve stops water from running continuously, hence preventing water loss and a huge water bill.

A PVC manifold used to supply water to each reticulation zone is then installed. Automatic control (station) valves rated at a minimum of 1000 Kpa are fitted off the manifold. The Isolation valve, Master Valve and station valves are all housed in an appropriately sized valve box.PVC pipes are used for the lawns and poly (or PVC if requested) pipes for gardens. The pipe sizes are dependent on the application and distance the water needs to travel. Pipes are laid away from hard surfaces like driveways and kerbs. This reduces the potential risk of being damaged by vehicles. All sprinklers are spaced as per manufacturer’s specifications ensuring proper coverage.

Multi-strand control wiring cable is used to connect the solenoid valves to the controller. All multi-strand cable is either taped along the main supply line or run into electrical conduits. The reticulation controller can either be hard wired (installed by our licensed electrician) or plugged into a weatherproof power point. The controller will then be programmed to current water restrictions imposed by the Water Corporation. The technician will conduct a handover with the client once the installation is complete. Your assigned Project Supervisor will also do a follow up call to ensure you are fully satisfied with your professionally installed reticulation system.

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With over 20 years industry experience, we pride ourselves in delivering quality service and getting it right from the start. We have the experience and equipment to promptly diagnose and repair your reticulation system on the spot. We are also an accredited waterwise garden irrigator as recognised by Irrigation Australia.

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