Retic System

Perth Sprinkler Fixers have been providing quality retic system services & repairs since early 2000. We specialise in all retic systems whether it be the simple sprinkler repairs, full retic system repairs, general servicing or retic system installations.

Retic System Installations, Repairs & Servicing.

Sprinkler Fixers have been in business long enough to have come across every type of retic system possible - even the ancient, or sloppy DIY retic system we will be able to get our heads around. Within a few minutes of arriving, Sprinkler Fixers will be able to have a basic knowledge of your retic system (provided the system is in some sort of working condition).

Most common Retic System:
* Wall Controller Unit, with Solenoid, operated valves controlling each station.
* Tap Timer unit, usually with just 1 station, but occasionally with an alternating valve allowing for 2, or sometimes even 4 stations.
* In Ground Controller, with Solenoid operated valves controlling each station
* In Ground/Inline tap timer
* 2 Wire system, mainly for larger or commercial properties utilising 2 wires and decoders rather than excessive amounts of multicore wire (and joins)  

  • Clogged Sprinklers systems
  • Lack or oversupply of water pressure
  • Leaky Valves & Sprinklers
  • Missing or broken sprinkler nozzles
  • Sprinkler System Design Flaws
  • Line breaks or leaks
  • Cars crushing Sprinklers

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