My Reticulation has Lost Pressure

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Oct 18, 31
My Reticulation has Lost Pressure

You have noticed a drop in pressure on your sprinklers, read on for reasons why.

The first place to check is your water meter, this is to make sure someone hasn’t turned the pressure down. Then check and see if it is on just one station or on all.

If its ‘all’ then you have a break in your mainline – that’s the 25ml or 40ml main pipe that runs to the solenoids. This should show up in a large puddle of water somewhere.

You may need to leave it on for a while if its just a small crack as it may take a while for it to show through. On the other hand, if its just 'one station' then you will have either a broken pipe in the line or a broken riser.

Check for pooling around the sprinklers as that will indicate a riser problem. If you can move the sprinkler then its likely that the riser is broken or damaged.

If not then you will need to check the line for cracks and breaks. This can be a long and slow process as you will need to locate the break which is not always obvious.

A small crack can result in a significant pressure drop but can be a pain to find.

If you have a drop in pressure then the only solution is to keep looking till you find it – or call sprinkler fixers today and let our experts do the work.

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