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Sprinkler Fixers in Perth has been providing quality reticulation services and repairs since early 2000. Sprinkler Fixers specialises in all reticulation work whether it be the simple sprinkler repair, reticulation system repairs, reticulation system servicing and also reticulation system installations. For all Service work, there is a $88 inc gst call out fee, hourly thereafter of $88 inc gst for all retic servicing.

Common Retic Problems

There are many problems we see out in the field, but a lot of the time it is common causes that can be prevented by a simple Sprinkler Fixers check up.

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure”. A routine reticulation service can help reticulation problems down the track and prevent problems before they can do damage. A lot of the time the first clue to a broken sprinkler or a faulty reticulation system is dead lawn or plants, so save your time, plants and your wallet by getting your system serviced routinely.

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  • Clogged or dirty sprinklers systems
  • Lack or oversupply of water pressure
  • Leaky valves & sprinklers wasting your water and the pressure
  • Missing or broken sprinkler nozzles
  • Sprinkler system design flaws
  • Line breaks or leaks
  • Cars crushing sprinklers

Retic Servicing

Perth Summers are notoriously hot and dry, making a fully functional reticulation system critical in most gardens. Most plants cannot survive Perth Summer temperatures without regular and consistent reticulation. Sprinkler Fixers can provide routine services to ensure any system faults or clogs are prevented. And in the event that anything to do with the reticulation does need fixing, Sprinkler Fixers ensure a rapid response, with competitive rates, any day of the week!

  • Scheduled maintenance of reticulation systems
  • Re-programming of controllers to The Water Corporations Specifications
  • Finding faults in and repairing solenoid wires

Sprinkler Repair

Do you have a broken sprinkler or burst pipe that is wasting water, whilst not evenwatering your garden properly?

No job is too big or too small, so call us today, or fill in a contact form below and we can fix it ASAP.

Dont forget to ask about SprinklerFixers 12 month ‘no-fuss’ warranty!

Snapped sprinkler

  • Repairing or replacing broken reticulation controllers
  • Repairing or replacing broken lawn sprinklers
  • Repairing or replacing broken garden sprinklers
  • Repairing or replacing broken pipes
  • Repairing or replacing broken solenoid valves

Ask us about our car proof pipe and concrete sprinkler surrounds!

Are you tired of your sprinklers being damaged from the lawn mower or neighbours parking on your verge?

- Make sure the sprinkler is sitting at a good height so it is just above flush with the soil level, this way it wont get kicked or bear too much weight when someone/or somethine kicks or stands over it

- Make sure the sprinkler pops back down by itself, so that it wont get damaged before it pops back down.

Failing this, you may need to have us instal E-Z tube (also known as Funny tube) which will prevent any pipes from being cracked in the future, it also allows flexibility if that sprinkler is to ever me moved slightly - perfect for if you are planning renovations or cunstruction works.

EZ retic tube

Another option is to insall a heavy duty concrete sprinkler surround. When installed correctly, and with EZ tube, these make your sprinkler bullet proof- even if trafficable areas!

Sprinkler Fixers sprinkler surrounds

System Installation

Perth summers are too hot for gardens to not have regular watering. By far the most efficient, and cost effective method of watering your garden is to have a professional, fully automated reticulation system installed!

Rather than spending hours each week watering your garden by hand, our reticulation systems can take care of it all. With a water-wise and automated system, you’ll have more time to focus on the important things.

We beleive you shouldn't be worrying about you garden when you are on holiday or renting your house out.

Sprinkler Fixers designs and installs fully automated, water efficient, reticulation systems. We use the highest quality parts from the leading brands, along with the highest quality workmanship in the field. We are a Watercorp "Waterwise" accredited irrigator.

Call or contact us today for a free consultation/quote (for new system installs only).

Ask us about our heavy duty sprinkler surrounds for high traffic areas!

Our Products

Sprinkler Fixers are equipped with the latest tools and equiptment to increase productivity and work quality, which means we save you money. We can find reticulation faults fast! We are fully licensed, bonded and have a full crew of professional and friendly staff. We work in both residential and commercial settings.

At Sprinkler Fixers all repairs are undertaken using only high-quality parts and components. We predominantly use a range of Toro, RainBird, Hunter and Irritrol reticulation parts and products which we believe to be the highest of quality and evidence proves they last the longest.

We service all brands of sprinkler systems including: 

  • Rainbird™
  • Hunter™
  • Toro™
  • Water Wise™
  • Orbit™
  • Irritol™
  • Febco™
  • Lawn Genie™
  • Weathermatic™
  • Pope

and many others, please note, many of these brands we will not stock as we believe they are not the best quality; We primarily use RainBird, Toro, Hunter and Irritrol products. We do not use brands that you might find at bunnings as we believe the quality is not great.

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