Reticulation Installers

Perth Sprinkler Fixers have been installing high-quality reticulation controllers since early 2000.

Installing all Retic Controllers

Sprinkler Fixers are your go-to company for any install of reticulation controllers. Whether the client would like something that's simple to use and low price, or something that can be controlled remotely from anywhere, we have a controller that is suitable.
Sprinkler Fixers primarily use Rain Bird controllers from experience these have been:

* Easy to program and use
* Wi-fi compatible
* Small and tidy
* Higher IP rating than any other controller making them more weatherproof
* Amazing quality control
* 3-year warranty
* Quick to install
* Made in Mexico, not made in China

For $385 + GST Sprinkler Fixers will install a Rain Bird ESP RZX up to 8 stations. These are our favourite controllers as for the reasons listed above, and our customers are always happy with them.
Sprinkler fixers have replaced hundreds of reticulation controller over the years. Some of the common issues that we come across with old (or sometimes not so old) controllers;
* Failed transformers
* Fusion damage
* Failed screen
* Faulty dial (common on Hunter X-core)
* Faulty terminals
* Water damage

  • Clogged Sprinklers systems
  • Lack or oversupply of water pressure
  • Leaky Valves & Sprinklers
  • Missing or broken sprinkler nozzles
  • Sprinkler System Design Flaws
  • Line breaks or leaks
  • Cars crushing Sprinklers

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