Lawn and garden care services

At Sprinkler Fixers Perth, we understand that just like not all lawn care contractors are alike, neither are the services provided to make them flourish.

Lawn Pesticide, Herbicide, Wetting agent and Fertiliser services

Lawns and gardens looking a little tired since the reticulation broke? Well, SprinklerFixers can help! We can apply wetting agent and NPK fertiliser to all your lawns starting at $99.00! (for 50m2) we can also apply the same to your gardens starting from an additional $50.00!

Once on sight we can investigate the lawn to see what the issue is, the lawn may be dry from lack of reticulation but there are other factors that can also effect it, and products that can help it to bounce back.

 - lawn beetles

 - hydrophobic soil

 - lacking nutrients

 - lacking oxygen

 - lacking sunlight

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