Residential and Commercial Sprinkler System Controllers:

We have a reticulation controller suited for everyone. Don’t want the fancy setup you can access from your phone? No worries, we’ve got you covered.



Installed from $495

The Skydrop controller doesn’t water on a set schedule with just a rain delay like regular timers and other smart controllers. It dynamically adjusts the watering frequency and duration needed for each zone. Connect to your home WiFi, then use the controller, a computer or your smartphone to easily setup zones and manage your sprinklers from anywhere.

  • Control up to 8 zones (16 with optional expansion)
  • iOS and Android apps available
  • Large 4.3″ LCD display

Full features

  • Controls up to 8 zones. The optional expansion module adds another 8 zones taking the controller to a maximum of 16 zones.
  • Settings for soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, shade, slope angle, and more. Simple and quick.
  • Real-time, neighbourhood level data from up to 2000 weather stations across Australia help intelligently forecast watering.
  • Watering algorithms use zone settings and weather data to determine which zones should be watered, and when.
  • Skydrop can be programmed to take into account any local water restrictions and only water when permitted.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors when using the optional weathersafe enclosure.
  • Large 4.3″ LCD display screen on the controller.
  • Stainless Steel jog dial with internal LED indicator ring showing the exact status of the controller.
  • iOS and Android apps available.

Rain Bird ESP- RZX

Rain Bird ESP- RZX

Installed from $375

The popular Rain Bird ESP Series of controllers has been expanded to provide a contractor grade irrigation controller for residential and light commercial applications.

The ESP-RZX Controller provides zone based set up that is easier to understand by untrained users. Fixed 4 6 and 8 zone models are available.

The ESP-RZX provides flexible scheduling features that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including residential and light-commercial irrigation systems.

  • Control up to 8 zones (16 with optional expansion)
  • iOS and Android apps available
  • Large 4.3″ LCD display

Easy to Use

The ESP-RZX Controller was designed with ease of use in mind. Zone-based scheduling allows every valve to be scheduled independently no more explaining “programs” to end users virtually eliminating call-backs. The large LCD display shows all of the programming for each zone at the same time. Simple graphic based user interface is easy to explain and presents every controller feature at your fingertips.

Controller Features

  • Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface
  • Weather Sensor input with software override
  • Master valve/pump start circuit
  • Non-Volatile (100- year) program memory
  • Programmable under battery power

Scheduling Features

  • Zone based Scheduling allows for independent schedules assigned to each zone. (Run times Start Times and Watering Days are customizable by zone)
  • Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the Start Times and Watering Days from zone 1 to all remaining zones at initial set up
  • 6 independent Start Times per zone
  • 4 Watering Days options by zone: Custom days of week ODD calendar days EVEN calendar days Cyclic (every 1 – 14 days)
  • Manually water ALL or SINGLE zone on demand

Advanced Features

  • Electronic diagnostic circuit breaker
  • Contractor Rapid Programming™ and “Copy previous Zone” for faster initial set up
  • Contractor Default™ Save / Restore
  • Weather Sensor bypass
  • Weather Sensor bypass by Zone

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