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Some common issues with reticulation bore pumps:

Pump turns on but no water comes out?

- The pump might sound like it's on, however that doesn't always mean the pump is working, it could be seized

- There may be a fault in your reticulation wiring that is preventing the solenoid valves from opening

- The pump may have lost its prime

- The check valve may be stuck closed

bore pump brass check valve

Pump won’t turn on at all?


- If the pump wont turn on at all, it is likely an electrical issue

- Is there voltage getting to the pump?

- Is the contactor or relay actuating?

- Is there voltage at the relay?

- Any of these problems and you will likely need an electrician - Our licensed bore electrician will be able to help out

faulty bore pump isolator

Water pressure is changing?

- In this instance there may be an issue with the pump or the bore itself

- The pump may be on its way out; ceased bearing, winding break down

- There may be a faulty check valve

- Clogged bore casing

- Drop in the water table

- There may be a hole in your main line

hole in submersible bore mainline

Reticulation will not turn off even if the controller is switched off?

- In this instance there is likley a fused relay or contactor, which will need to be replaced

- You will need to turn the bore off at the switchboard and call us out to rectify

bore pump contactor

Circuit breaker or fuses are tripping when the reticulation runs?

- Either there is a fault, or the insulation on the pump windings are completely worn down and the pump needs to be either re-wound or replaced

- Call us out to give you a quote on replacement

bore pump circuit breaker

Cant find where your pump is, or how to use it?

- Submersible bores are usually out the front of the property

- Centrifugal bores can be anywhere depending on whether it was built before the house or not

- Centrifugal pumps will have a large tin lid or concrete/metal slap covering it over a meter in diameter

- If you cannot see any sign of it, it is most likely a submersible pump. you will need to call us out to locate it

centrifugal bore pump well centrifugal bore pump
what a submersible bore pump looks like

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