Watering Days

Perth's Watering Days

Written by Sprinkler Fixers

Aug 24, 18
Perth's Watering Days

The water corp website can make it quite difficult to find your watering day. Sprinkler Fixers have simplified it for you, all you need is the last digit of your street number.

The water corp website can make it more difficult than necessary to find your watering day by looking at the below table; you can quickly find your water day without needing to enter in your postcode and street address. By knowing the last digit of your street number, you can quickly see your allocated water days;

Perth and Mandurah watering days:

Last digit of your
street or lot number


Scheme users
2-day roster


Bore owners
additional day

1   Wednesday & Saturday   Monday
2   Sunday & Thursday   Tuesday
3   Monday & Friday   Wednesday
4   Tuesday & Saturday   Thursday
5   Sunday & Wednesday   Friday
6   Monday & Thursday   Saturday
7   Tuesday & Friday   Sunday
8   Wednesday & Saturday   Monday
9   Sunday & Thursday   Tuesday
0   Monday & Friday   Wednesday

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