Common irrigation issues and how to fix them

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Jan 19, 02
Common irrigation issues and how to fix them

If you’ve noticed pools of water in your garden or dry patches of lawn, you might have a problematic issue with your irrigation system. Here’s what you need to check:

Sprinklers If your sprinkler is spouting water at odd angles or the area around it is damp, chances are something is ruined. To fix the issue, check the following:

• Has dirt blocked your sprinkler head?

• Are you using the accurate water pressure required for your sprinkler? PGP or MP rotators require special pressures to operate.

Other sprinkler tips:

• Use a tap timer to keep runtimes short and so you don’t waste any water by forgetting to turn them off.

• Avoid watering in the heat of the day and when it is breezy.

• Measure how many sprinklers you need and regulate the arc of your sprinkler to make sure all areas of your garden are touched. This ensures there are no dry spots and water isn’t wasted on walls, paths or roads.

• Match your sprinkler heads to ensure a correct and uniform supply of water is achieved. irrigation timers and controllers Every water wise garden needs an irrigation timer, whether it’s a manual timer or a fully automatic system run by an irrigation controller.

• Ensure it is set fittingly to avoid drenching and potentially save thousands of litres of water. Manuals for most timers are available on the internet.

• You may find that fitting an automatic irrigation system will pay for itself in a moderately short period of time.

Other points to consider:

• Irrigation system not turning on? Check you haven’t got a flat battery.

• Has there been a storm? Lightning strikes can burn out underground wiring.

• If there’s low pressure? Check that you aren’t watering at peak times. Peak times are generally from 5pm to midnight (when people come home from work and use their water). We hope this assists you in the upkeep of your irrigation systems. Sprinkler Fixers

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