3 Lawn Care Problems And How To Fix Them

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Dec 18, 18
3 Lawn Care Problems And How To Fix Them

Lawn care problems are something that can prove to be devastating, if they aren’t corrected properly. Therefore, the best way to deal with lawn care issues overall is by, knowing and also understanding what some of these problems are and doing your best to fix it. Read on to learn more…

There are 3 common lawn care problems. However, in addition to these lawn care problems, there are also very easy and affordable fixes for them. . 1. A lack of sunlight – Some types of turf grasses do need adequate sunlight in order to grow and flourish. However, if there is a lack of sunlight, it can prove to be bad for the turf grass. The best fix here is to eliminate the shade tolerant patches of turf grass and exchange them with varieties of grass cover such as bishop’s hat or sweet woodruff. 2. Thin and patchy grass that is persistent – If you have a continuing lawn problem, it is something which is usually caused by the soil itself and not the exact grass at all. If this is happening to your lawn, the best thing you can do is to get a soil test done. Getting the soil test will pinpoint the problem in particular and then advise the best passage of treatment possible. 3. The invasion of crabgrass – Crabgrass just isn’t a weed that is unappealing, it is also, something that can support soil erosion. The best course of action is to apply corn gluten meal. A spring fertilizer should be used after this.

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